Day in the Life – William George

Posted on September 17, 2020

William George – Commercial / Trader

I work as part of the Commercial Team at ICD Alloys and Metals. As a Trader, I try to keep a overview of our current inventory. I scan the US and global markets to see what’s available, and what I think our customers will want and need. Then I’ll go out to the market to source the items we need.

We have many established suppliers all over the world, and part of my job is helping to maintain those relationships as well as identifying potential new suppliers and new opportunities.

I have weekly calls with many of our customers, as it is important that I understand their business. That close contact means that we can respond quickly and source whatever it is they need. Regular dialogue means I know what is going on in their business this week and what is coming up for them next week.

My biggest challenge is trying to understand and anticipate everyone’s needs and being able to react accordingly. It is an important part of my role.

I am mainly office-based, although my job does require some travelling. If I am on the road it is mainly within the US, although I do occasionally travel to Central and South America.

We work hand in hand with our colleagues at ICD Europe daily and we will jump on twice weekly calls with them. It is great to touch base and see where we can support each other, but it also gives us a feel for what is happening over in Europe.

The best part of my role must be closing the deal! That is the most satisfying part. Shaking hands on a deal that I know is going to make my customers happy. That is the goal.

I am a real family man, so when I am not in work you can generally find me hanging out with my wife and my three young children. I also love to spend time with friends, but that happens less and less these days – my little ones tend to keep me busy!

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